Hunting permit Grant

When a hunting permit is issued, a civil contract is concluded between the person entitled to practise hunting (permit holder) and the hunter (permit holder). There is no official contact here. If the hunting permit is issued for consideration, it must be entered in the hunting licence by the lower hunting authority. The procedure is one of the services Hunting licence registration Hunting licence change


Pursuant to Paragraph 16(3) of the BbgJagdG, the written form (civil law contract) is required.

The hunter is not obliged to allow third parties to hunt in his hunting district. Hunting permits may only be granted to hunters and may not exceed 1,000 hectares of hunting area per person. In the case of several persons entitled to hunt, permission must be granted in writing by all persons entitled to practise hunting.
Section 11 paragraph 1 sentence 3 and paragraph 7 federal hunting law (BJagdG) Section 15 paragraph 1 and 2 BbgJagdG Section 16 BbgJagdG

A civil law contract (does not require a model) is concluded between the hunter and the hunter, which requires the written form according to Section 16 (3) bbgJagdG.

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