Shipments of waste in Germany and Europe Consent

Within the European Union (EU) including the EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland), cross-border import or export (shipment) of waste is permitted. To do so, you must have previously carried out an authorisation procedure (notification procedure). This procedure is mandatory for shipments of waste on the "yellow" waste list, unlisted waste and, more generally, waste intended for disposal. Note: Cross-border shipments of waste are subject to different rules, depending on the Classification of waste (green or yellow waste list), type of disposal (recovery or disposal) and Recipient State. If you wish to export waste to non-EU or EFTA countries, you should contact the competent authority at an early stage to find out more about the specific provisions in force. You can find out which wastes are classified and how in the "Consolidated Waste Lists" of the Basel Convention Focal Point (information at: ). The notification shall be valid for a maximum of one year. Only notifications of recovery facilities with prior approval can be valid for up to 3 years. However, the authorities may also authorise shorter periods. In this case, shipments of waste are permitted for as long as the consents of all the authorities are valid. Only information requirements apply to the export of "green" waste for recovery within the EU.

Information on the necessary documents can be found in Annex IA, IB, Annex II to Regulation (EC) 1013/2006.

The necessary forms are set out in Regulation (EC) 1013/2006. Further information and electronic monitoring forms will be made available under A personal appearance of the applicant is not required.

This procedure applies to all cross-border shipments of waste.
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Authorisation procedure (notification) in accordance with Chapter 1 VO (EU) 1013/2006

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