System for the return of sales packaging

The collection and disposal of sales packaging takes place by collection from the private end user (holsystem) e.B. for LVP _ lightweight packaging made of plastic, aluminium, tinplate or composites) or by the collection at central collection points (collection system, i.e. depot containers at central collection points, e.B. for used glass). The use is free of charge for private end users (Section 14 Packaging Act (VerpackG)). The systems are financed by licensing fees from manufacturers who produce packaged products for private end users. Manufacturers must participate in one or more systems (according to Section 7(1)). In some disposal areas, the LVP collection is carried out as a collection of recyclables. Other waste made of plastic and metal may also be disposed of there. Where no recyclable tonnage is offered, plastic and metal waste must be delivered to the recycling yard of the public waste disposal company. Packaging waste from traders can only be disposed of in small quantities via the collection systems. In this case, these are places where waste to be disposed of is generated (storage sites, see also (Section 3 (11 p. 2) and 3 Packaging), which are comparable to the private final consumer. In the case of larger quantities, disposal takes place directly via the manufacturer or seller or independently (Section 15 PackagingG)

Contracts for the comprehensive collection Coordination agreement with the public waste disposal agencies in their disposal area to be set up Contracts for sorting and recovery Financing agreement with the Central Office pursuant to Section 25 (1) p. 2 Packaging

An online procedure is not possible. The written form is required.

Proof of the comprehensive collection Submission of voting agreements with the public waste disposal agencies in their disposal area to be set up Proof of appropriate sorting and recovery capacities Submission of the financing agreement with the Central Office in accordance with Section 25 (1) p. 2 Packaging
Definition of private end-users and comparable places of seizure System participation obligation of manufacturers Separate collection of sales packaging: Disposal of packaging for which there is no obligation to participate in appropriate systems

Information on the packaging register can be found here:

An application for system approval will be submitted. Once the completeness of the application documents has been established, the final processing of the application shall take place. The applicant shall receive a system authorisation or a rejection notice. An authorisation shall be made public by the competent authority.