Exercise of the profession as a lawyer in the civil service

In principle, the simultaneous activity of a RA/RAin in the civil service is not permitted under professional law and leads to the loss of the bar licence in accordance with Section 14 (2) No. 8 of the Federal Lawyers' Code (BRAO). Section 47 of the BRAO makes an exception to this rule: Insofar as the professional activity in the civil service as a judge, civil servant, soldier and employee is limited in time, the authorisation shall be maintained, while a representative is appointed for the professional or, exceptionally, is allowed to continue practising in his profession as a lawyer.

Job profile and proof of fixed-term employment by appropriate documents, e.g. a photograph of the employment contract

Notification of a different, temporary activity in the civil service, with a simultaneous, precise definition of the profile of the activity and the conditions of employment (informal)

The permitting of parallel work as a lawyer for civil servants, judges and soldiers on a temporary basis is a statutory exception, which is virtually unapplied in practice. For temporary employees, the job profile and the external appearance are decisive; the managing, purely internal activity is permitted in general, the executive activity with corresponding external appearance is not.
Section 47 paragraph 1 sentence 2 federal attorneys' law (BRAO)


After receipt of the application: Assignment to personnel file Submission of the application for inspection and decision to the Board of Management By decision: Permit letter Registration in the personnel process and in the chamber's internal register of lawyers

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