Commercial Register Registration Open Commercial Company (OHG)

Commercial law provides for an Open Trading Company (OHG) to be entered in the Commercial Register. Registration must be made by all shareholders to the competent registry court.

The following information is required for the registration of an OHG: Name, first name, date of birth and place of residence of each partner company, as well as the place where it has its registered office and the domestic business address object of the company, unless it is derived from the company Representation power of the shareholders The notary or notary will advise you on the documents required in individual cases to register the OHG.

Section 12 Commercial Code (HGB) Law on The Costs of Voluntary Jurisdiction for Courts and Notaries (Court and Notary Costs Act - GNotKG)

Registration To apply, contact a notary or notary. The notary or notary advises on the formulation of the application. Registration is made exclusively by electronic means, for which a publicly certified document is prepared. The declaration is provided with an electronic signature (within the meaning of Section 39a of the Public Procurement Act/BeurkG) and sent to the electronic court and administrative mailbox of the Registry Court. Changes Relevant information about your company, such as the company's registered office, the legal form or the authorised representatives, has changed? Then please have the commercial register entry corrected immediately. In the same way, registration takes place exclusively through a notary or a notary.

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