Commercial register Registration of a legal person

Legal persons whose entry in the commercial register must take place in view of the subject-matter or the nature and scope of their business must be registered by all members of the Board of Management. The obligation to register is to operate a commercial trade. Commercial enterprise means the case law a recognizable to the outside, permanent and professionally oriented, for the purpose of profit-making intention and activity carried out in the economic field. According to the notification requirement, it applies to companies whose registration is not already protected by other legal provisions. These are, in particular, certain legal persons governed by public law (e.B. corporations, institutions or foundations governed by public law). The Board of Management, which is obliged to register, must therefore also be understood as the body for representation, e.B. of the respective company.

Registration Treaty/Statute Certificate of appointment of the representatives/board of directors Further documentation may be required in individual cases.

Please note that you must also report company-relevant changes, such as changes to the company, the registered office, the issue or revocation of pros, etc., to the register court.
Section 12 Commercial Code (HGB) Section 33 Commercial Code (HGB) Section 34 Of the German Commercial Code (HGB) Law on The Costs of Voluntary Jurisdiction for Courts and Notaries (Court and Notary Costs Act - GNotKG)

The application must be filed electronically with the Registry Court in a publicly certified form. After successful registration, you will receive a registration notice.

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