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If you create a limited partnership (KG), you are obliged to register it for registration in the commercial register. It is only through registration that the KG is created and is fully legally capable. On the other hand, the registration of a KG which already operates a commercial trade is merely a legal statement, since the company already exists before registration.

The registration of a limited partnership must include: the names, first names, dates of birth and residences of all shareholders the company's company and the place where it has its registered office, as well as the domestic business address the representative power of the shareholders all the limited partners and the amount of the deposit of each of them The notification must indicate the different situation of the premises and the subject matter of the business, unless this is apparent from the company.

There must be a social contract.

There are often a few weeks between the preparation of the partnership agreement and the entry in the commercial register. Therefore, check the social contract for its topicality before registering.
Section 8a Of the German Commercial Code (HGB) Section 161, 162 Of the German Commercial Code (HGB) Section 24 Commercial Register Ordinance (HRV)

Registration To apply, contact a notary or notary. The notary or notary advises on the formulation of the application. Registration is made exclusively by electronic means, for which a publicly certified document is prepared. The declaration is provided with an electronic signature (within the meaning of Section 39a of the Public Procurement Act/BeurkG) and sent to the electronic court and administrative mailbox of the Registry Court. Changes Relevant information about your company, such as the company's registered office, the legal form or the authorised representatives, has changed? Then please have the commercial register entry corrected immediately. In the same way, registration takes place exclusively through a notary or a notary.

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