Journeyman examination Admission before the end of the training period

As an apprentice (trainee/trainee) in the trade, you can be admitted to the journeyman examination before the end of your training period after consulting the trainee and the vocational school, if your achievements justify this.

Registration most recently issued vocational school certificate/vocational school certificates, Intermediate examination certificate, Confirmation by the training company that the trainee has so far provided above-average benefits and that all knowledge and skills can be imparted to him/her by the early date of the final examination, written opinion of the vocational school on the level of performance of the trainee, Proof of participation for the prescribed inter-company instruction courses, mandatory reporting books/training certificates.

Application form of the respective Chamber of Crafts

Above-average grades on the last vocational school certificate issued, above-average grades on the intermediate examination certificate, above-average performance in the training company, all knowledge and skills can be taught to you until the early date of the journeyman examination, Attendance of the prescribed inter-company instruction courses, keeping the required report books/training certificates, the in-company training period of 18 months for training occupations with three years' training and 24 months for training occupations with three and a half years of training to the early examination is not exceeded.
Section 37 (1) Crafts Code (HWO)

Apprentices are free to take part in examinations. For the period of the exemption, the trainees are paid the training allowance. People with disabilities should point out their special concerns when registering for the journeyman examination, so that they can be taken into account when carrying out the journeyman examination. Apprentices who have taken parental leave must not suffer any disadvantage when deciding on admission.

Application to the competent Chamber of Crafts.

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