Training period Credit

A crediting of vocational training to the period of training can be applied for with the vocational training contract at the competent chamber.

A course of study at a vocational school (e.g. technical school), a basic vocational training year (BGJ) or a vocational preparation year (BVJ) can be counted in whole or in part on the training period in a dual vocational training. The regulations may vary from state to state, depending on whether the country has issued a credit decree. If a corresponding credit ingesamount ordinance exists in your state, the competent authority must credit the training period. Otherwise, the competent authority decides for itself.

A joint application by trainees and training companies is required.

In the case of crediting, the credited time is considered to be the training period already spent.

If, for example.B one year is counted, the training begins in the second year of apprenticeship and is entitled to the remuneration of the second year of apprenticeship.

Vocational training contract with the necessary evidence for vocational training.

Vocational training contract with reference to a request for crediting of vocational training and the corresponding evidence of vocational training.


Due to special legislation of the highest national authorities, professional modelling can be carried out. Crediting must be submitted to the competent body at the joint request of the trainees and trainees.

Section 7 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

The joint application for crediting of training time in accordance with Section 7 of the BBiG must be submitted to the competent body at the beginning of the training. This is done in the context of the application for registration in the list of vocational training contracts.

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