Approval as a doctor Grant for degrees from abroad

If you want to practise your profession as a doctor in Germany, you need a separate professional right - the approval or the temporary permission to practise the medical profession (professional permit). The approval represents the higher quality occupational admission.

Section 39 (1) ÄApprO Short CV birth certificate, for married couples also the marriage certificate Proof official certificate of leadership not older than 1 month Explanation of whether a judicial criminal proceedings or a Prosecutor's Office investigation is pending medical certificate not older than 1 month Certificate of medical examination Section 3 (6) BÄO Proof tabular list of the completed training courses and of the activities carried out officially certified copy of the Qualifications or the proof of training, which is Recording of the corresponding professionally entitled and where appropriate, a certificate about the professional experience you have acquired in the case of paragraph 3 (third country): a certificate of the Eligibility to practise your profession in the country of origin and documents, which are appropriate to set out in the Practising the medical profession at home to want Certificate of leadership from the Country of origin or training not older than 3 months medical certificate not older than 3 months Certificate of the competent Authorities of the Member State of origin from which the evidence that the evidence about the required training requirements in the required by the Directive Proofs correspond in cases of paragraph 2 (no automatic recognition) or paragraph 3 (third country) additional evidence, in order to be able to determine whether the Training essential Differences compared to the training that is part of this Law and regulated by the ÄApprO Is pursuant to No. 7 of Section 3 (6) of the BÄO: Documents on this, whether the training course in the institution concerned by the Training institution of the issuing Member State has been officially certified, whether the exhibited Proof of training to the equivalent to which it was awarded if the training course is completely in the Issuing Member State would have been completed, and whether the proof of training in the territory of the issuing Member State the same professional rights.

Form: Application for authorisation/professional licence as a doctor with training in an EU Member State Form: Application for approval and a permit for the temporary exercise of the profession with training in a third country Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

You have completed medical training in medicine abroad. They are suitable for health. They are personally suitable. You have sufficient knowledge of the German language.

Proof of language skills The prerequisite for approval is general German language skills at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER). You can also submit the required proof of language during the approval process. In addition, you must take a medical language test at c1 (GER) level during the approval procedure. No approval or professional licence is issued without proof of technical language knowledge at level C1 (GER). Professional permit In exceptional cases, you can also apply for a temporary professional permit. With your professional license, you can work for a maximum of 2 years as a doctor without a certificate. To do this, you must demonstrate language skills at level B2 (GER) and take a specialist language test at level C1 (GER). You may not be allowed to work to a limited extent. The professional licence is not an approval.
Section 3 et seq. of the Federal Medical Regulations (BÄO) Approval Regulations for Doctors (ÄApprO)

Contact LAVG for permission There are numerous counselling services. These can be found on recognition in Germany .

You can apply in writing with the form available to obtain an approval as a doctor with a degree from abroad: Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application documents to the LAVG. The LAVG then checks whether you meet all requirements. Examination of equivalence Your training must be checked individually. The LAVG compares your professional qualification from abroad with the German professional qualification as a doctor. The LAVG checks whether your professional qualification is equivalent. The professional qualification is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign professional qualification and the German professional qualification. Possible results of the test If your professional qualification is equivalent, the LAVG recognises your foreign professional qualification. The LAVG can confirm the result in writing. You have to meet the other requirements and prove your language skills. Then you will receive the approval as a doctor. If the LAVG finds significant differences, you can make up for the differences through your professional practice and other knowledge and skills (lifelong learning). You must prove your professional practice. Knowledge and skills must be certified by an authority of your country of origin. However, this knowledge may not be sufficient. You cannot then compensate for the main differences. Your foreign professional qualification will not be recognised. The LAVG gives you the main differences in writing and why you cannot compensate for the essential differences with your professional practice. You may not work as a doctor. In order to prove equivalent knowledge, you must take a knowledge test in this case. If you pass the knowledge test successfully (and meet all other requirements), you will receive the approval. Knowledge check If your professional qualification is not equivalent, you must take a knowledge test. The examination consists of an oral part and a practical part. The contents and the exact procedure of the examination are regulated by law. If you pass the knowledge test, you will be granted a certificate as a doctor. You must also meet the additional requirements and prove your language skills.

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