Registration of contracts of the water industry

The conclusion and amendment and supplementation of contracts for the water industry within the meaning of Section 31 I No. 1, 2 or 4 GWB, according to which undertakings in the water supply industry commit themselves to each other or such an undertaking undertakes to a local authority to refrain from a public water supply in a given area via fixed lines (territorial protection or demarcation contract) or undertakes a local authority to allow the installation and operation of pipelines on or under public roads for an existing or intended supply of drinking water in the territory of the local authority exclusively to a specific water supply undertaking (water concession contract) or an agreement is concluded between several water supply undertakings in so far as they have the purpose of making certain services available to one or more utilities exclusively for the purpose of providing public service through fixed pipelines (joint contract) in order to be effective, it is essential to file a full notification with the competent national antitrust authority, Section 31a of the GWB. The companies involved in the agreement are obliged to register via their respective representative bodies or local authorities via the respective mayor/municipal head.

Signed water concession contract in copy Information on: a. Company or other name b. Place of establishment and registered office c. Legal form and address d. Name and address of the appointed representative or other agent, in the case of legal entities of the legal representative Point 2. applies to each participating company.

currently: no perspective: increased data security is required, as personal data and Business and trade secrets in an online form.

Complete notification of a contract of the water industry in accordance with Section 31 (1) No. 1, 2 and 4 GWB by sending the contract in the present or the contracts in the present Indication of the information referred to in Section 31a (1) S 2 GWB Section 31 Law against Restrictions of Competition (GWB) Section 31a Law against Restrictions of Competition (GWB)
Section 31 Law against Restrictions of Competition (GWB) Section 31a Law against Restrictions of Competition (GWB)

Written notification to the National Cartel Authority with the Ministry responsible for economic affairs Adoption of a decision after antitrust review

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