Registration register information To parties and groups of voters

Parties, groups of voters and other promoters of nominations may receive the following information on persons entitled to vote from the register in the 6 months preceding an election in connection with parliamentary and local elections: first and last names, Doctorate, current address. If the requested person has died, this will be communicated.


The applicant must be a party, group of voters or other holders of nominations in connection with elections and votes at the state and local level. Information is only admissible in the six months preceding the election or vote.

The reporting authority cannot provide information if there is a block on information or if a blocking notice is entered in the register. Furthermore, any data subject may object to the transmission of his/her data.
Section 50 paragraph 1 federal reporting act (BMG)

You can request this information from the registration register in person or in writing to the registration authority.

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Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)

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