Exemption permit for registration in the craft role Grant

In addition to the Master's Letter, the Crafts Code (HwO) provides for various other qualifications for registration in the craft role. This includes the exemption permit in accordance with Sections 8 and 9 hwO. An exemption permit pursuant to Paragraph 8 hwO is granted to anyone who proves that the knowledge and skills necessary for the independent exercise of the craft to be practised by the applicant are available and that it is permanently or temporarily unreasonable for him to take the master's examination. The unreasonableness shall be determined after weighing up all the circumstances of the individual case. The examination of the master examination is unreasonable, for example: at the age of 47 years, in the presence of high-quality qualifications, in the case of the particularly favourable possibility of taking over the company, in the case of the spin-off of hand-made business parts in the company, in the case of waiting times of more than 2 years for taking the master examination, in the event of health impairments or in the exercise of special activities. The exemption may be granted for a limited period or subject to conditions and conditions. An exemption permit pursuant to Section 9 HwO i.V. .m, the EU/EEA HwV rules, is granted to anyone who, as a national of an EU Member State, another EEA state or Switzerland, wants to maintain a commercial establishment in Germany and has the necessary professional experience or training. Proof of skills acquired in the home country can be provided by presenting an EU certificate to the competent body of his home country. The Chamber of Crafts may order compensatory measures before granting the exemption.

Proof of the necessary knowledge and skills by presenting the original documents or certified copies in addition to section 9 HwO: EU certificate as a certified copy a German translation as a certified copy Proof of nationality (photo ID) a German correspondence address

Exception An exceptional case exists where the taking of a master's examination at the time of the application or thereafter would place an unreasonable burden on the applicant. An exceptional case also exists if the applicant has passed an examination on the basis of an ordinance issued pursuant to Section 42 HwO or Section 53 of the Vocational Training Act. Proof of the knowledge and skills necessary for the independent exercise of the craft to be practised subject to authorisation
The exemption permit shall be granted at the request of the trader.

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