List of holders of a establishment of a craft craft or craft trade registration

The entry in the register of non-licensed crafts at the Chamber of Crafts is enshrined in law. As proof of competence, the master examination remains possible, but is not prescribed for the independent practice of craftsmanship. Appendix B Section 1 of the Crafts Code (HwO) lists 53 non-licensed crafts. The operation of a craft-like trade according to Appendix B Section 2 is also subject to registration. Proof of qualification is not required for entry in the register of holders of craft-like establishments. Section 18 HwO 1. Any person who begins or terminates the independent operation of an independent craft or craft trade as a standing trade shall immediately notify the Chamber of Crafts in whose district its commercial establishment is situated. In the case of legal entities, the names of the legal representatives must also be reported, and in the case of partnerships, the names of the shareholders entitled to represent them must also be reported. 2. A trade is a craft trade which is free of authorisation within the meaning of this Act if it is crafted and is listed in Section 1 of Annex B to this Act. A trade is a craft-like trade within the meaning of this Act if it is operated in a similar manner to craftsmanship and is listed in Annex B, Section 2, to this Act. Section 19 HwO The Chamber of Crafts shall keep a register in which the holders of a business of a craft craft or craft-like trade must be entered in accordance with Annex D, Section II, to this Act, with the trade which they operate or in the course of several trades with those trades. Section 6 (2) to 5 applies accordingly.

When registering a sole proprietor' Application for registration In the case of registration of a civil law company (GbR), an open trading company OHG), a limited partnership (KG): Application for registration Copy of the social contract When registering a legal person: Application for registration Partnership agreement (notarised) or commercial register extract When expanding with one or more trades: Request for enlargement Original of the craft card In the case of deletion from the list of non-licensed and craft-like trades: Request for deletion Business deregistration (copy)

Exercise of an unlicensed craft or craft-like trade in accordance with Appendix B to Section 18 (2) HwO
Section 18, 19 Crafts Code (HwO) Section 18 et seq. Of Crafts Appendix B to Section 18 (2) HwO

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You can apply for registration with the Chamber of Crafts responsible for you, with the necessary documents.

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