Data of the craft role Transmission

Without prejudice to paragraph 4, the transfer of data from the craft role to non-public bodies on a list of lists is permitted if it is necessary to carry out the tasks of the Chamber of Crafts or if the requesting information gives credence to the knowledge of the data to be transmitted and there is no reason to believe that the person concerned has a legitimate interest in the exclusion of the transmission. Such a reason does not exist if the first and last name of the farmer or the legal representative or the manager or the personally liable partner responsible for the technical management of the establishment, the company, the craft exercised or the address of the commercial establishment are transmitted. The transmission of data in accordance with sentences 2 and 3 shall not be permitted if the trader has objected. The possibility of objection must be pointed out to the tradesmen in writing or electronically before the first transmission. The residential addresses of the farmers and the managers as well as their electronic contact details, such as e-mail address, website, fax number, telephone number are excluded from the transfer of data. Public authorities shall, upon request, provide data from the craft role to the extent that the knowledge of actual or legal circumstances of the holder of a establishment of a craft sector subject to authorisation (Section 1(1)) is necessary for the performance of their duties. The recipient may process or use the transmitted data only for the purpose for which they are transmitted to him.


Application Existence of the conditions of Section 6 (2) HwO
Section 6 paragraph 2-4 Crafts Code (HWO)

At your request, the conditions will be checked and the transmission will be made.

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