Building permit granting in the simplified building permit procedure

In development plan areas, the simplified building permit procedure can be chosen for residential buildings.

The simplified building permit procedure applies to residential buildings of building classes 1 to 3 within the scope of a development plan. The provisions of the development plan must be adhered to and the development must be secured.

In addition to the application form, the following documents must also be submitted:

  • Construction drawings
  • Specifications
  • official site plan
  • Declaration by the draft author that the project complies with the provisions of the development plan and the public law provisions

cf. § 3 Brandenburg Building Templates Ordinance

Application forms


Please submit the building application for the simplified procedure in triplicate in paper form and additionally as an electronic copy. If the lower building supervisory authority has opened electronic access, it must be used. For your building application, you must use the prescribed forms.

For most building applications, the preparation of the building templates and a signature by a person authorized to submit a building template (design author) is required.

§ 63 BbgBO

If the requirements for the simplified procedure are not met, the building application can be dealt with in the regular approval procedure if this is ticked accordingly in the building application.

In the simplified building permit procedure, the project is examined with shortened deadlines.

The building supervisory authority checks

  • compliance with the provisions of the development plan
  • and involves specialist authorities whose interests are affected by the project, as well as the municipality.

The deadline for the specialist authorities to comment is 2 weeks.

If all opinions have been submitted and there are no contradictions to public law regulations, the building permit must be issued. The building permit includes all necessary permits.

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