If construction facilities are to be built, changes are to be made or if a change of use is to be made, a building permit is usually required for this purpose. The construction facilities also include pile-ups and excavations, pitches, storage areas as well as sports and playing areas.

In addition to the application form, the following documents must also be submitted: Building drawings Construction description official site plan See. Section 3 Brandenburg Building Templates Ordinance

Forms for the application

Please submit the building application in three copies in paper form and additionally as an electronic copy. If the lower building inspectorate has opened an electronic access, it shall be used. You must use the required forms for your building application. Most building applications require the preparation of the building templates and a signature by a person entitled to the building template (draft author or draft author). If the building plot is located in a development plan area, a building notice or a simplified building permit procedure may be sufficient.
Section 64-73 Brandenburg Building Code

The building permit has a concentration effect, i.e. it includes other permits required by national law.

The project will be fully assessed in the building permit procedure. Within two weeks of receipt of the application, the lower building inspectorate checks whether the building templates are complete and confirms receipt. If the building templates are incomplete or defective, the client will already be informed of a deadline for supplementing the building application upon receipt. The application shall be deemed to be withdrawn if the missing documents are not filed in due time (Section 69 paragraph 2 BbgBO). If the building proposals are complete, the lower building inspectorate shall immediately involve all specialist authorities whose interests are affected by the project, as well as the municipality. The deadline for the competent authorities to submit their comments is one month, and the municipality has two months to grant the municipal agreement. If all comments are available and there are no contradictions with public law regulations, the building permit must be granted. The building permit includes all necessary permits.

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