Tax Advisor Appointment

The appointment as a tax advisor in accordance with Section 40 StBerG is made after passing the tax consultant examination or after the exemption from the tax consultant examination on request by the competent chamber of tax advisors.

Application for appointment as tax advisor according to official form. Proof of application for the management certificate of document type O (according to Section 30 sec. 5 BZRG) for submission to the competent authority (Brandenburg Chamber of Tax Advisors) The application shall be attached to: a certified copy of the certificate of the competent body of the successful tax adviser examination or exemption from that examination a passport picture Professional insinuating insurance certificate For candidates who have been exempted from the examination: a statement on whether disciplinary action has been taken against him within the last 12 months and whether disciplinary investigations are pending against him or whether they have been pending within the last 12 months For candidates who are lawyers, registered European lawyers, accountants or sworn accountants: Certificate from the professional organisation or body responsible for it that no facts are known justifying the withdrawal or revocation of the authorisation or appointment or the initiation of professional proceedings against him Proof of payment of the order fee

Request for order / reappointment

Passing the tax consultant examination or exemption from the tax consultant examination Proof of the existence of professional inertial insurance Certificate of the document type O (according to Section 30 (5) BZRG)
Section 40 et seq. Tax Advisory Act (StBerG) Sections 34, 35, 38 Ordinance on the Implementation of the Regulations on Tax Advisors, Tax Agents and Tax Consulting Companies (DVStB)

The application for appointment or reappointment as a tax advisor must be submitted to the local tax advisor's chamber in accordance with the officially prescribed form. Transfer of the order fee/reorder fee Submission of the necessary documents to the Brandenburg Chamber of Tax Advisors examination of the submitted documents and the applicant's information for completeness and accuracy; if necessary, further necessary investigations prior to the decision on the order Agreeing an order date Ordering and handing over the order certificate