Library card blocking

Report the loss of your library card to your library as soon as possible. Your ID will be immediately blocked for the loan. Until the time of the loss notification, you are liable for any misuse of the card. A replacement card will be issued upon request upon payment of a fee. Note: The validity of the replacement card is limited in time (e.B. 12 months), so you must apply for an extension if necessary.

valid identity card or passport with the current registration certificate of the competent resident registration office or other official ID with residence indication

Forms: Registration form Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: partial Personal appearance necessary: partly

Loss report of a library card

In the event of non-notification of the loss of identity card, personal liability shall be incurred for any damages arising therefrom. The replacement card remains the property of the library and is not transferable to other persons.
Rules of use of the respective library Fee regulations of the respective library

If you have lost your library card: Immediately notify the library of the loss of your library card. The library card is immediately blocked or invalid. Pay the fee for issuing a replacement card. You will then receive the replacement card immediately on site or by post within a few days.

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