Crediting and recognition of study periods and academic achievements Decision

Your passed and failed study and examination achievements at the previous university as well as study periods will be credited to your newly chosen course of study if there is equivalence. When crediting and acknowledging, the equivalence of your previous study periods and academic achievements is checked. In this context, the most important comparisons are made: Content / Learning Results / Quality Level (e.B. Bachelor, Master) Time scale (workload) or presentation of workload (ECTS credits) Profile If equivalence is established, recognition shall be given. Recognition of non-university competences can be given with up to 50% of the benefits to be acquired. In the event of successful recognition, this time or service does not have to be re-provided. There is no need to take part in the relevant examination (also for reasons of grade improvement). Note: When changing university at the new university, inquire about the respective formalities.

depending on the respective university, for example: Lecture content (substance contents) or module descriptions Number of semester-week hours up-to-date performance overview or certification or evidence of courses attended but not yet evaluated Declaration of safety of the previous university

Forms: Application form Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Application or enrolment as a student or admission as a second listener

You should inform yourself in advance about the specific requirements at the respective university or faculty. Prior information from university teachers or lecturers is not legally binding.
Section 24 Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) Study and examination regulations of the respective university

University of Potsdam Viadrina University of Europe BTU Cottbus Babelsberg Film University Potsdam University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg University of Technology (THB) Wildau University of Technology University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE)

You can apply in writing for the crediting and recognition of study periods and academic achievements using the form of the respective university: Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application documents to the appropriate university. The university or the examination committee checks the equivalence of the previous academic achievements. You will then receive a written notice of recognition or, if necessary, information on the rejection of your application.

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