Construction notice

Before submitting a building application, you can ask for information in advance on any questions that might otherwise have to be clarified in the later building permit procedure. A preliminary request for construction (application for a preliminary decision) can be useful if it is unclear whether a plot of land is capable of being built at all under the applicable building planning law. A pre-construction request can save financial expenses, as not all documents required for a building permit are necessary. In addition, the client receives early security about the buildability of a plot of land.

In addition to the application form, the following documents must be submitted site plan or excerpt from the corridor map, description of the project and the building templates required to assess the question

Construction application (preliminary decision) form

The questions must be accessible to an independent assessment.

If the question in the preliminary decision concerns a building, it may be necessary to call in one or a building contractor (architect, civil engineer or civil engineer).
Section 75 Brandenburg Building Code

The preliminary decision is requested with the building application form by selecting "application for a preliminary decision" in the header of the application.