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By means of a written declaration to the lower building supervisory authority, a property owner may submit public law obligations to an act or omission concerning his or her property (e.B taking over distance or parking spaces, unification of land). The declaration is entered as a construction load in the building load register. Anyone who demonstrates a legitimate interest may inspect this list or have copies drawn up.

informal application, Presentation of the legitimate interest

There must be a legitimate interest.

Until the introduction of the construction loads in 2016, the legal securing of obligations was carried out by means of limited personal easements, which continue to remain valid. For complete information on obligations about a property, it is therefore also advisable to inspect the land register.
§ 84 Abs. 5 Brandenburgische Bauordnung

Publicly appointed surveying engineers and notaries are authorised to inspect on the basis of their profession and do not need to demonstrate their legitimate interest.

An informal application must be submitted to the locally responsible lower building supervisory authority. In the case of a legitimate interest, the list may be inspected or copies may be made.

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