Display of a home birth

The birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth. To display a home birth are required in the following order: every parent of the child, if he or she is entitled to custody, any other person who was present at birth or who is informed of the birth of his or her own knowledge.

You need the following documents: in the case of married parents Birth certificates marriage certificate or a certified imprint from the marriage register, in the case of parents who are not married to each other Mother's birth certificate if paternity has already been recognised: Declarations on paternity recognition Father's birth certificate if necessary, the declarations of concern Identity card, passport or a recognised passport replacement document of the parents a certificate of birth issued by a doctor or a midwife or a maternity nurse, in so far as they were present at birth. A marriage certificate must also be presented when the marriage is dissolved.

Birth certificates may be issued after the birth certificate has been certified in the birth register.
Section 18 et seq. Of civil status law (PStG) Section 33 Civil Status Ordinance (PStV)

If your child is born in a hospital or birthplace, the institution will notify the competent registry office and submit the birth notice. When your child is born at home, midwives, obstetricians, doctors issue the birth certificate. You must then present them personally to the competent registry office within one week. A telephone or written notification is not permitted.

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