Birth abroad Notarization of births on seagoing vessels

If a child is born during a voyage on a seagoing vessel carrying the federal flag, the persons obliged to report the birth must immediately notify the skipper orally and provide the information necessary for the registration of the birth. The skipper shall make a record of these indicators, which shall contain the data relating to the newborn to be recorded later. The notification shall be signed by the notifier and the skipper. The skipper sends the transcript to the nearest seafaring office, which forwards the notification to the registry office I in Berlin for certification. If the seagoing vessel does not carry a federal flag, it is a foreign birth, which under the conditions of § 36 PStG is only certified on application to the residence registry office.

Transcript of the skipper's record of the birth. The necessity of further documents depends on the individual case.

Birth certificates can preferably be applied for via the web form, if necessary also by post, fax or in person. No application form is required for a personal interview.

Birth on a seagoing ship that flies the German flag.
§ 37 Civil Status Act (PStG)

Information for the certification of the birth of a child on a seagoing vessel flying the federal flag can be found on the website of the Registry Office I in Berlin:

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