Educational and participation services for children, adolescents and young adults

The aim of the education package is not to deprive children from financially weak families of the necessary educational and participation opportunities. As a legitimate person or as a parent, you have the option of applying for financial support from the state. The funding covers the following areas: For eligible persons under 18 years of age: Participation in social and cultural life, for example in a sports club or music school, is supported with up to EUR 15.00 per month. For eligible persons under 25 years of age: Personal school equipment is supported by EUR 150.00 per year (EUR 100.00 for the first year and EUR 50.00 for the second half of the school year). Costs will be borne for supplementary adequate learning support to the extent necessary to achieve the learning objectives set out in the provisions of school law. For one-day trips from schools, day care centres and day care, the costs that actually arise are covered. For multi-day trips from day care centres and day care as well as for school trips within the framework of school law regulations, the costs that actually arise are covered. Grants for the communal lunch esatorofing of pupils (if agreed under school responsibility or by a cooperation agreement between the school and the day care centre) as well as children in day care centres and day care are paid. Parents' own shares will be eliminated as of 01.08.2019. The actual expenses required for transport to the nearest school of the chosen course (student monthly cards) will be covered. Parents' own shares will be eliminated as of 01.08.2019.

Proof of neediness, for example by decision on: Child supplement Housing Benefits under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act invoices, receipts and other evidence, if applicable Where appropriate, indication of the child benefit number if necessary certificates of the school The competent authority will inform you of any further necessary documents.

You are not yet 25 years old and cannot meet your educational and participation needs from your own income and wealth or your family's income and assets You are either entitled to Basic security benefits for jobseekers, Social assistance or Benefits under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act Or Your family moves in Child supplement or Housing Benefits for participation in culture, sport and leisure only for persons under the age of 18.
Section 6b federal child benefit law (BKGG) Section 34 f. Social Code Twelfth Book (SGB XII) Section 28 f. Social Code Second Book (SGB II) Section 2 Asylum Seeker Benefits Act (AsylbLG) Section 3 Asylum Seeker Benefits Act ( Asylum BLG )

Information on the education package on the website of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

As a rule, education and participation benefits are available on request (global application from 01.08.2019, except for school trips and learning support in SGB II). If possible, check with the competent authority in advance how to get benefits from the educational package the easiest (possibly sufficient proof). The employees can help you with an application on request. Fill in the required forms, sign the application and compile the necessary proofs. Send the complete application documents by post to the responsible body or submit them in person. You will be informed in writing whether and which offers your child can take advantage of.