Wild accidents and Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If accidental game, whether live or already died, is on the roadway, the accident site must be secured as far as possible by means of a warning triangle and/or warning flashing light in order to protect the subsequent traffic and to avoid further accidents. Dead game should only be pulled off the road if this is possible without endangering one's own person (use protective gloves!). Injured game should not be touched or otherwise disturbed (stress for the animal, self-harm). The killing of an injured animal may only be carried out by a legitimate and competent person (e.g. the person entitled to hunt). Veterinary treatment is usually excluded (except for an accident involving a wolf here a veterinarian is to be consulted by the persons receiving the accident. Please stay as far away as possible from the injured animal, because with increasing proximity to the injured animal, its stress situation increases.

Note on the prevention of wild accidents - there is an increased risk of accidents: basically morning and evening at dusk in the field/forest transition area In addition, in the months of July and August at the leafing time of the deer !!! Wild can be on the road at any time of day or night!!!
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Depending on the situation of the individual case, the insurance covers the damage to the vehicle for partially or fully insured persons. The prerequisite is that the wild accident has been proven. For this purpose, the persons or bodies who must be informed of the accident shall issue appropriate certificates. Wild tracks on the vehicle should be photographed.

Call to the control centre of the professional fire brigade or to any police station

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