Permission to erand or modify tombs and other structures in cemeteries Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to erect or modify a tomb or other building in a cemetery, you must obtain the consent of the respective cemetery administration. In municipal cemeteries, this is the local cemetery office. The cemetery bearer has drawn up statutes containing guidelines with more or less detailed information on the shape and condition up to the planting of burial sites. Stonemasons offering tombs must find out about the existing guidelines. They are obliged to offer their clients only grave facilities that comply with the cemetery statutes.

Proof of the right of use of the tomb; written authorisation, if the representative; Please ask the relevant body for any documents and evidence required in the specific case.

written request

The procedure is not uniformly regulated, please check with the competent authority about the conditions.
municipal cemetery statutes and/or statutes of the municipality

The procedure is not uniformly regulated, inquire with the cemetery administration about the procedure.

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