Extract from the Central Trade Register Transmission

Private individuals and legal persons and associations of persons can apply to the local regulatory authority for information from the Central Trade Register.

The Central Trade Register (GZR) is maintained by the German Federal Office of Justice.

An excerpt from the Central Trade Register (GZR) is - to put it simply - a certificate of good conduct under trade law. To check personal reliability, for example, it is required by the regulatory authority before a trade requiring a permit (e.B. restaurants, brokers) is approved. The information contains all decisions that are stored in the Central Trade Register about the applicant.

Application as a natural person:
Identity card or passport with last registration certificate

Application as a legal entity:
Identity card or passport with last registration certificate
Excerpt from the commercial register as proof of power of representation

In addition, in the case of a written application (exception):
Application with officially or publicly certified signature of the applicant
If applicable, excerpt from the commercial register to prove the power of representation

Alternatively, the application can be made via the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice. For the online application via the online portal, the new electronic identity card or an electronic residence title and a card reader are required.


The applicant must be a data subject. This is only the one above which entries in the central trade register can be available.


Please note that only the application for an extract from the Central Trade Register is submitted to the competent authority. This will then send your application to the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn, from where you will then receive the official information.

The application must be made in person or in writing (exception) with an official or publicly certified signature.
Representation of the applicant by an authorised representative (e.B lawyer, spouse) is not possible. Likewise, a direct application to the Central Trade Register is not possible.
The applicant must prove his identity and, if he acts as a legal representative of a legal person, his power of representation with an extract from the commercial register.

ยง 149 ff. Gewerbeordnung (GewO)

As a private individual or legal entity and association of persons, you apply for information from the Central Trade Register by informal letter to the competent authority.

- Attach the required documents/proofs.

- The information is generally sent to the applicant by the Federal Office of Justice (Bonn) by post.

- Sending to an authorized person is not possible. For certain purposes, a request may be made to be sent directly to a public authority. For this purpose, the address of the authority must be indicated when the application is submitted.

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