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The business register is kept by the local regulatory authorities (district-free city, large district-affiliated city, official municipality, administrative administration) and contains all companies and enterprises indicated in accordance with the Trade Code (GewO) which have their registered office in the respective municipality. Public authorities and private individuals may, on request, receive an extract from the trade register. The consent of the data subject for the transfer of his data is not required. The name of the establishment or holder, the business address and the activity indicated are generally available. For an extended business register information that goes beyond that, a legal interest must be demonstrated (for example, for asserting legal claims; lending to traders). There is no legal claim by third parties to the communication of the data. The business register is not a public register (such as the trade, cooperative or association register). The provision of the information is at the discretion of the competent authority. The information from the trade register corresponds to what was reported to the trade registration office up to the time of the information. The authority assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information. In principle, no information is provided on registered establishments. This makes it possible to provide information in the case of requests for information, which is linked to a credible interest (e.g. in the case of legal proceedings, insolvency proceedings and claims of other kind).

An informal written request must be made with the following information: Name of company or trader last known address Information about one's own person in the case of extended information: to establish the legal interest by describing the facts and attaching existing documents (e.g. debt securities, copies of contracts, invoices) Oral requests are not admissible.

Forms are available from the local trade authority.

Existence of a legal interest in the case of extended information
Sections 14 (6) to 8 Commercial Code (GewO)

The request for information from the business register can be made in person, in writing or electronically. Online information is only possible with the administrations connected to the system. For citizens, only simple information is provided online. Extended information can be provided online to companies. Citizens should contact the competent authority for further information. The competent authority shall examine the request for completeness and whether there is a legal interest in providing information from the trade register. If the application is granted, the extract from the trade register will be sent after examination. The fee notice will be sent by post.

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