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The organisation of a migrant camp for the distribution of goods or services shall be notified two weeks before the start of the authority responsible for the place of the event if the event is to be indicated by public announcement. This is apparent from Section 56a (1) sentence 1 GewO. The migrant camp may only be managed on the spot by the organiser or a representative authorized by him in writing; the name of the representative shall be communicated to the authority in the notification. If a legal person acts as the organiser (GmbH, AG, Ltd. ...), a representative must always be indicated, as the legal person cannot act on site in his own person. The public announcement shall state: the type of goods or services to be marketed the location of the event The public announcement may not announce: free grants (goods or services) Competitions, raffles, competitions The display must meet the following requirements: 2-fold copy (not necessary for submission by e-mail or fax) the wording and nature of the public announcement must be indicated The place and time of the event must be specified The name and address of the organiser and the person for whose account the goods or services are to be distributed must be given (apartment or commercial establishment) if applicable, the name of the organiser's representative, who is authorised in writing Photograph ingestion of the tour operator's travel trade card

completed display form Copy of the tour operator's travel business card in the case of personal refund of the ad: additional identity card or passport with representation: additional power of attorney with identity card of the applicant and the authorised representative in the case of legal entities: Copy of the current register extract (e.B. commercial register, cooperative or association register)

The organiser of a hiking camp must be in possession of a travel trade card. The representative of the organiser authorised in writing must be in possession of a second copy or a certified copy of the organiser's travel business card.

The representative of the organiser, who is authorized in writing, shall always act in this function as a matter of instruction and shall therefore be self-employed. It must therefore be in possession of a second copy or a certified copy of the organiser's travel business card. An existing travel trade card, which the representative owns for his own independent travel business activities, does not meet this requirement.
Section 56a Trade Code (GewO)

Submitting the advertisement incl. all required documents Forwarding a copy of the advertisement to the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Confirmation of the notification by the authority after receipt of the opinion by the Chamber of Commerce

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