Right to be held in the professional title "engineer" or "engineer"

The professional title "engineer" or "engineer" is protected by law under the Engineering Act. This title may lead to this title, alone or in a word connection, who has successfully completed a degree in a technical or technical-natural science discipline with a standard period of study of at least six semesters full-time or for a corresponding total period of part-time at a German, state or state-recognised university, university of applied sciences or vocational academy, the main degree of which must be in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology; for the term "industrial engineer" or "industrial engineer" the course of study must at least be shaped by these subjects, who has received authorisation from the competent body to do so, who is entitled under the law of another country of the Federal Republic of Germany to take that professional title, or who was already entitled to hold the professional title until this Act came into force. Designations indicating economically active mergers ("engineering office" or similar) may be used in conjunction with the professional title referred to in paragraph 1 or similar designations only if at least half of the members of the management board, management or persons holding at least half of the voting rights are entitled to take the professional title. Persons from a Member State of the European Union, a Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or any other State (Member State or Contracting State) assised by agreements may apply for authorisation if they have their principal residence, principal place of business or predominant professional employment in Brandenburg. The qualifications or qualifications and/or professional experience required for authorisation depend on whether the profession is regulated in the country of origin or not. The competent body may require compensatory measures in the form of adaptation courses or aptitude tests in the event of significant differences in qualifications. If facts justify the assumption that the necessary technical knowledge is lacking or that people's lives and health are seriously endangered, then the competent body may prohibit the taking of the professional title.

informal application certified copy of the identity card Residence permit certified copy of the diploma and the subject and grade overview / Diploma Supplement if necessary, certified copy of the diploma In the case of foreign degrees: translation by a sworn translator as a certified copy and certified copy of the original documents.

The documents must be submitted by post.

residing in the state of Brandenburg

Anyone who holds the professional title "engineer or engineer" without being entitled to do so is acting in an irregular manner. The offence may be punished by a fine. The right to conduct academic degrees remains unaffected.
EC Directive 2005/36 on the recognition of professional qualifications, Law on the Protection of the Professional Title "Engineer" (Engineering Law - IngG). EC Directive 2005/36 IngG


Application Examination of the prerequisites If necessary, forwarding to the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) Decision