Certification of the authorisation for the provision of temporary cross-border services in accordance with Section 9 (1) point 2 Of Crafts (HwO) in the field of craft equipment subject to authorisation Exhibition

If you want to work independently without a German establishment, but with a branch in a Contracting State (EU Member State, EEA Contracting State or Switzerland) you want to carry out a craft subject to authorisation here in Germany, then you must indicate your project before starting your activity with the Chamber of Crafts, which is responsible for the place where you want to carry out the activity for the first time in Germany. It is an independent activity as a bricklayer and concrete builder, furnace and air heating builder, carpenter, roofer, road builder, heat, cold and sound insulation insulator. Fountain builder, stonemason and stone sculptor, plasterer. Painters and painters, scaffolders, metalworkers, surgical mechanics, body and vehicle builders, precision mechanics, two-wheel mechanics, Refrigeration plant builders, information technicians, motor vehicle technicians, agricultural machine mechanics, gunmakers, plumbers, plumbers and heaters, electrical engineers, electrical engineers, carpenters, boat and shipbuilders, ropers, bakers, pastry chefs, butchers, hairdressers, glazing, glassblowers and glassmachine builders, mechanics for tire and vulcanization technology, it is sufficient to prove that you are legally active in your country of origin. In addition, proof of full-time work of at least one year or correspondingly longer part-time activity within the last ten years is required if the other country of origin does not require a specific professional qualification to carry out the activities in question and you do not have regulated training for the activities. Regulated training is training geared to the pursuit of a particular profession and consisting of one or more completed training courses, supplemented, where appropriate, by a professional traineeship or practice, the structure and level of which are determined by legal, administrative provisions or must be controlled or approved by an authority intended for control and approval. or: They want to work independently without a German establishment, but with branch in a contracting state (EU member, EEA contracting state or Switzerland) temporarily carry out a trade in Germany as a chimney sweep, optometrist, hearing care professional, orthopaedic technician, orthopaedic shoe maker, dental technician. The competent authority must then examine your professional qualification before providing the service if, taking into account the intended activity in the event of insufficient qualifications, there would be a serious risk to the health or safety of the recipients of the service.

Evidence on personal data and nationality; on the lawful establishment in the country of origin; on the existence of requirements for one's own professional qualification in the country of origin; if necessary, through one's own professional qualifications; if necessary, on the exercise of a profession for one year in full-time employment within the last ten years.

Forms on the Internet at the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt (Oder) and the Chamber of Crafts Cottbus. No form at the Chamber of Crafts Potsdam. Information sheet at the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt (Oder) requires personal preliminary speech. Information sheet of the Cottbus Chamber of Crafts requires written notification. Ordinance requires written or electronic notification.

In order to take up a temporary cross-border activity in a craft subject to authorisation, it is sufficient to notify the intention in advance by proving that he is legally established in the Country of origin, if the profession also requires a certain qualification there. This applies in the trades bricklayers and concrete builders, furnace and air heating builders, carpenters, roofers, road builders, heat, cold and sound insulation insulators. fountain builder, stonemason and stone sculptor, plasterer, painter and painter, Scaffolders, metalworkers, surgical mechanics, bodybuilders and vehicles, precision mechanics, two-wheel mechanics, refrigeration plant builders, information technicians, automotive technicians, agricultural machine mechanics, gunmakers, plumbers, plumbers and heaters, electrical engineers, electricians, carpenters, boat and ship builders, ropers, bakers, confectioners, butchers, hairdressers, glassblowers, glassblowers and glassworkers If access to the profession in the country of origin is not linked to a qualification, demonstrate that you have completed a regulated training. If you do not have a regular training, proof of activity in the selected craft sector in the last ten years is required for a year in full-time work, i.e. correspondingly longer for part-time work. In the crafts of chimney sweeps, optometrists, hearing care professionals, orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic shoemakers, dental technicians, the competent authority decides whether an examination of the qualification is required.
Section 9 paragraph 1 number 2 Crafts Code (HwO) Appendix A to the Crafts Code Section 1 Ordinance on the Transfer of Responsibilities pursuant to Section 124b of the Crafts Code of 13 December 2005 (GVBl.II/05, [No. 33], p.586) as amended by Ordinance of 9 December 2010 (GVBl.II/10, [No 87]) 8ff. EU/EEA Crafts Regulation (EU/EEA HwV)

BMWi brochure on the new EU-EEA Craft Regulation Link in the download area of the HWK Frankfurt (Oder)

Service provider reports the intention to provide services in a craft sector subject to authorisation to the competent Chamber of Crafts. The competent board examines the existence of a craft subject to authorisation. It checks whether the exercise is regulated in the State of origin. It examines whether the service provider is established in the country of origin for the provision of the service, i.e. is entitled and acting accordingly. Where the country of origin is not a regulated craft, the competent authority shall verify that the activity has been subject to regulated training and whether the service provider has successfully completed or asserted it and has occupied the activity for at least one year full-time or relatively more part-time.

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