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A temporary catering business operates, who commercially for consumption on the spot drinks or prepared food administered, if the restaurant is accessible to everyone or certain groups of people and is operated only temporarily for a specific occasion such as a festival, anniversary or other occasions. Anyone wishing to temporarily operate a restaurant business on an occasion-related basis must notify the competent authority for the place concerned in writing in accordance with § 2 (2) BbgGastG (notification of a temporary catering industry - Gagev) two weeks before the start of the competent authority for the place in question in accordance with § 2 (2) BbgGastG. This display shall also indicate: what mode of operation it is and whether it is intended to offer alcoholic beverages. The following are considered as operating mode: snack public house Food industry Tavern and dining industry Open-air bar area (beer garden) café bar with music performance with dance event Ostrich farming

The advertisement is made on the form "Gagev" Identity card or passport for identification Foreigners who are not citizens of an EU Member State or an EEA Member State must obtain the residence permit of the competent immigration authority, according to which they are permitted to carry out the trade under aliens law.

The advertisement must be made both for the serving of alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages and for the distribution of food during temporary activities,.B such as club celebrations.
§ 2 para. 2 Brandenburg Restaurant Act (BbgGastG) Ordinance on the Regulation of Responsibilities according to the Brandenburg Restaurant Act (Brandenburg Restaurant Act Competence Ordinance - BbgGastGZV) Ordinance on administrative fees in the portfolio of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (MWEGebO)

The notification must be submitted to the competent authority two weeks before the start of operation. The following authorities are involved by the trade authority: Food Control Authority lower building supervisory authority Environmental area of the district-free cities, unincorporated municipalities and offices tax office

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