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Anyone who wants to operate a restaurant business in a standing trade must notify the business registration or the business re-registration in writing to the competent authority for the place concerned at least four weeks before the start of the business (inbox) in accordance with § 14 paragraph 1 of the Trade Code. This display shall also indicate: what mode of operation it is and whether it is intended to offer alcoholic beverages. The main operating modes are: Snack / fast food restaurant public house Food industry Tavern and dining industry Tavern and dining economy with regular music performances disco Open-air bar area (beer garden) café bar discotheque service plaza kiosk Department store restaurant If, in the case of legal persons or associations with no legal capacity, another person is appointed to represent him in accordance with the law, articles of association or articles of association, this shall be communicated immediately to the authority.

completed form "GewA1" according to Annex 1 to § 14 Abs. 1 GewO Identity card or passport for identification Foreigners who are not citizens of an EU Member State or an EEA Member State must obtain the residence permit of the competent immigration authority, according to which they are permitted to carry out the trade under aliens law. In the case of alcohol serving additionally required: Proof of an applied certificate of good conduct according to § 30 abs. 5 BZRG Proof of a requested information from the central trade register for submission to the authority according to § 150 abs. 5 GewO Tax safety certificate (certificate in tax matters)

If the serving of alcoholic beverages is intended, the trader must meet the requirements for commercial reliability. Unreliable within the meaning of § 35 abs. 1 of the Trade Code are in particular those who are devoted to drunkenness or fear that they will exploit inexperienced, reckless or weak-will or encourage alcohol abuse, prohibited gambling or stolen goods.
Brandenburg Restaurant Act (BbgGastG) Industrial Code (GewO) Ordinance on the Regulation of Responsibilities according to the Brandenburg Restaurant Act (Brandenburg Restaurant Act Competence Ordinance - BbgGastGZV) Ordinance on administrative fees in the portfolio of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (MWEGebO) Act on the Central Register and the Education Register (Federal Central Register Act - BZRG)

The commercial advertisement for a restaurant in the standing trade must be available four weeks before the start of operation at the local regulatory authority (competent authority) in full (with all necessary documents). In the case of alcohol serving, the competent authority shall, immediately after receipt of the documents, examine the reliability of the trader under commercial law. The following authorities are involved by the trade authority: Food Control Authority lower building supervisory authority

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