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Professional titles, additions or word combinations in accordance with Paragraph 1 may be held on behalf of a partnership company, partnership company with limited professional liability or in the company of a corporation if the company is entered in a special list with the Chamber of Architects (company register) or as a foreign company is entitled to do so in accordance with Paragraph 8. With the registration, the company does not become a member of the Chamber of Architects.

for proof of corporate legal form: At the company headquarters in Germany: publicly certified copy of the partnership agreement in the case of partnership companies: proof of registration in the partnership register in the case of registered companies: commercial register extract In the case of registered office abroad: documents from the country of residence proving the legal form. Proof of professional insinuating insurance in accordance with Section 10 BbgArchG (insurance certificate in copy) Proof of eligibility to take up the professional title List of all shareholders and companies with information on their respective occupations Copy deposit receipt

Applications can be submitted to the Chamber of Architects in writing at any time.

Partnership companies are entered in the register of companies of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects on request, have its registered office or branch in the Land of Brandenburg, have at least one member of the Chamber of Architects as a partner, in the social contract, oblige the company and its members of the Chamber of Architects to comply with the applicable professional obligations, and have taken out professional insanity insurance. Professional liability insurance must cover personal injury of at least 1,500,000 euros and other damages of at least 300,000 euros. It must include a five-year re-enfile.

Section 7 (1) and paragraph 2, point 7 and section 9 of the Brandenburg Architects Act (BbgArchG)

Further information on the registration procedure can be found at the office of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects.

Registration shall be made on request. The application for registration of a partner company must be submitted by the partner entitled to take the professional title or the partner entitled to take the professional title. The Chamber of Architects shall confirm receipt of the documents and certificates by the applicant within one month and, if necessary, inform him which documents and certificates are missing. The application shall be decided within three months of receipt of the full documents. The registration committee decides on the entry in the list of architects. The registration committee shall consist of the chairman or persons and the required number of members. The registration committee shall decide in the composition of the chairman or their representative and four owners, at least two of whom must be members of the specialised subject of the applicant.

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