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On request, foreign architects are entered in a special directory and receive a certificate giving them the right to use the professional title "architect", "architect", "interior architect", "interior architect", "landscape architect", "landscape architect", "urban planner", "urban planner". The inclusion in the list must be submitted to the Chamber of Architects prior to the first provision of services and documented by evidence which entitles the holder of the professional title. The period of validity of the certificate is limited to five years and shall be extended on request.

With examination of the certificate of competency: Certified copy of the university certificate and the university certificate (or an equivalent educational institution within the meaning of Section 4 BbgArchG) Official translation of the above-mentioned documents Proof of the standard study period for bachelor's and master's degrees Equivalence assessment of educational attainment by the Ministry of Culture (ZAB) Evidence of two years of professional practice in the applied field since graduation or university degree; Graduates of the field of architecture who have started their internship after 15.10.2018 must have completed their professional internship under the supervision of a registered architect. Training certificates - each with a proof of the following topics: Public construction law Private building law Construction practice Cost-effectiveness of planning construction Management and communication Proof of employment contract in the case of employed or employed in the public sector Proof of adequate professional insinuator insurance in the case of a freelance or commercial activity Proof that the temporary place of employment is in the Land of Brandenburg Copy deposit receipt

Applications can be submitted to the Chamber of Architects in writing at any time.

Persons who have in the Federal Republic of Germany have neither their main residence nor its establishment, and may hold the professional title of architect or a comparable professional title on the basis of a legal regulation of their country of origin or the are capable of fulfilling the professional tasks in the respective field as an architect and have a vocationally qualified university degree obtained by means of a diploma, examination certificate or other proof of training or qualification of a higher education institution recognised under the law of a Member State of the European Union or of a Contracting State of the Agreement on the European Economic Area for training in the particulars concerned and in whose country of origin there is no comparable legal provision.

An application by a foreign architect is not required if the person already has a certificate from another German Chamber of Architects. By entering the list of foreign architects, the person does not become a member of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects.
Section 2 Brandenburg Architects Act (BbgArchG)

Further information on the registration procedure can be found at the office of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects.

Registration shall be made on request. The Chamber of Architects shall confirm receipt of the documents and certificates by the applicant within one month and, if necessary, inform him which documents and certificates are missing. The application shall be decided within three months of receipt of the full documents. The registration committee decides on the entry in the list of external service providers. The registration committee shall consist of the chairman or persons and the required number of members. The registration committee shall decide in the composition of the chairman or their representative and four owners, at least two of whom must be members of the specialised subject of the applicant.

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