Identity certificate for parcels of land exhibition

What is an identity certificate for parcels and what is it for?

Identity certificates are required by property owners, rightholders, rightsholders, authorities or courts when land registry entries, deeds and so on refer to parcels of land that no longer exist. As a result, legal relationships can no longer be assigned to the current parcel situation.

A certificate of identity is used to prove which or which now existing parcels of land are identical to a previously existing one or which parts of now existing parcels correspond spatially to the one that has been submerged.

Land register extract when it comes to identifying the location of old rights.

The application may be submitted informally, stating the parcel


Applications can be made by property owners or by holders of a property-like right. With their consent, another person may also submit the application.

Brandenburg Surveying Act

On request, the cadastral authority issues the certificate on the basis of a search.

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