Supplementary School Recognition

The Ministry responsible for schools may, at the request of the school authority, confer the status of a state-recognised supplementary school to a supplementary school in whose training there is a public interest if it provides instruction in accordance with a framework curriculum approved by the Ministry and the final examination is carried out in accordance with a correspondingly approved examination regulations.

- Written form required: yes - Personal appearance required: no

There must be a public interest in recognising your supplementary school. Instruction must be given according to a framework curriculum approved by the competent ministry. The final examination must be carried out in accord according examination regulations approved by the competent ministry. The education must be comparable to that at a public school. A professional and pedagogical qualification of the teachers must be available. The possibility of the participation of one or a representative of the competent ministry in the final examination must be ensured.
§ 126 BbgSchulG

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Brandenburg

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