Recognition of academic degrees, titles and designations

Legal information on the use of foreign academic degrees, titles and designations can be obtained from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK).

You have an academic degree from a foreign university such as .B. licencjat, inzener, kandidat-nauk, which you would like to lead in Germany? If this has been duly awarded by a recognized university, you can use it without permission under the conditions specified in the State Higher Education Act. You must then use it in the awarded form and indicate the awarding university. If your degree has not been awarded in Latin script, you may translate it into Latin written form (transliteration). You can also add the literal German translation in parentheses. You may also use the foreign degree in short form (with addition of origin) if the use of the short form is permitted or customary in the country of origin.

You can waive the indication of the awarding university if you have acquired the degree:

  • within the European Union (EU)
  • within the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • from the European University Institute Florence
  • from the Pontifical Colleges

However, equivalence agreements concluded with other states and the decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs on the leadership of foreign, academic degrees of 26 June 2014 must be observed. Equivalence agreements and the decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs contain favourable special provisions. This applies in particular to certain doctoral degrees from Russia, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada and the USA.

A conversion or transfer of the foreign degree into the corresponding domestic degree is excluded. Exceptions (permits) are possible under certain conditions for university degrees of ethnic German repatriates, their spouses and descendants.

  • officially certified copy of the foreign original diploma or the award certificate
  • officially certified copy of the translation of the diploma or certificate
  • Copy of identity card or passport (in proceedings under § 10 BVFG)
  • in case of name change: appropriate proofs such as e.B. copy of the marriage certificate, declaration of the name change
  • Forms: no
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no


Degree from a recognised university abroad


In connection with foreign university degrees, the Ministry of Science deals exclusively with questions of degree leadership (exception: degrees of entitled persons according to the Federal Displaced Persons Act). Evaluations, comparisons and assignments to corresponding German university degrees or university degrees are not carried out by the Ministry of Science.

§§ 30, 34 Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG)

§ 10 Federal Displaced Persons Act (BVFG )

  • Leaflet on the management of foreign academic

  • Database for the evaluation of foreign educational qualifications:

  • Recognition of professional qualifications:

  • Assessment of foreign professional qualifications :
  • Information portal Recognition in Germany:

You do not need state approval or confirmation to hold foreign degrees, titles, or job titles.

However, you may need written information about the management of your degree and the relevant legal bases, e.B. for submission to

  • Residents' registration and registry offices,
  • Professional Chambers and
  • Professional associations.

Then you can submit an informal application to the Ministry of Science and submit the necessary documents.

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