Travel industry permission

If you are a showman, "flying trader" or owner of a market stall, i.e. if you offer your services or goods in constantly changing places, you run a travel business. To do this, you need a travel business card. You must carry them with you in the course of your duties and present them to the representative of the local competent authority upon request. As an employer, you must provide a second copy or a certified copy of the travel trade card to employees in your company who have direct customer contact without your presence or who work in a place other than yourself. If you are an EU citizen working only temporarily across borders, you do not need a travel trade card.

Identity card or passport Trade, association or cooperative register extract Certificate of management/extract from the business central register Craft card Evidence of showman liability insurance Application The competent authority may request further documentation on a case-by-case basis.

They have the necessary reliability.
Sections 55 to 63 Trade Code (GewO) Section 11 Trade Code (GewO) (Data Protection Notice)

If you want to run a travel business, you need a permit (travel trade card). The content of the travel trade card may be limited, limited in content, issued with a time limit and subject to conditions to the extent necessary to protect the general public or consumers. Under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and addition of conditions is also permitted.

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