Business re-registration

Are you moving the headquarters of your company to a new location in the responsible municipality? Or will you be offering additional other goods or services in the future that are unusual for the currently registered business? In these and other cases, you must re-register your business.

If you want to relocate the headquarters of your company within the area of responsibility of the municipality already responsible, you must re-register your business. The same applies if you change the location of your place of business or the registered office of a branch or dependent branch. The local trade or public order office is responsible.

If you change your business object, you must also re-register your business. This is the case, for example, if you offer goods or services in your shop exclusively or additionally in the future that are not customary in relation to your registered business. An example would be the expansion of a stationery store to include travel agency services. The same applies if you still sell the same goods, but the volume of business is moving from a retail to a wholesaler.

In the event of a change in the commercial object, not only a re-registration in the standing trade, but also in the travel industry is required.

Certain changes relating to your person or your business are not notifiable. However, you can voluntarily report such changes to the authority for example, when it comes to your name or that of your company.

The re-registration shall be carried out by the following persons or their authorised representatives:

  • in the case of individual trades, by the trader himself,
  • in the case of legal entities (e.g. GmbH, AG) by the legal representatives

In the case of partnerships (e.g. OHG, KG, GbR/BGB-Gesellschaft, GmbH & Co. KG), all shareholders entitled to manage the business must make business re-registrations.

If you move your business headquarters to the jurisdiction of another municipality, you must first deregister the business at the previous location and then re-register it at the new location. This is not a re-registration fact.

Activities that pose a possible threat to third parties and are therefore subject to special monitoring trigger a review of personal reliability by the competent regulatory authority. Accordingly, if your business is expanded to include such "monitoring" activities, the documents required for a check of reliability must be requested.

  • Copy of the identity card or passport with registration certificate, or presentation on site. In the case of electronic business re-registration, depending on the municipality, further suitable and appropriate procedures for establishing identity (for example, PIN/TAN procedure, the electronic ID function, De-Mail or a self-declaration of identity).
  • Copy of the extract from the commercial register if your company is entered in the commercial register (also: cooperative register, register of associations)

- Forms: yes

- Online procedure possible: yes (if offered)

- Written form required: no

- Personal appearance required: no

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  • they transfer the registered office, a branch or a dependent branch within the jurisdiction of a municipality, or
  • You change or expand the goods and services offered so that the character of your business changes
  • Voluntary reporting content: for example, changing your name or the name of your company.


If you expand your business with an activity requiring a permit and a corresponding permit is not available from the authority, the competent authority can prevent the continuation of your business.

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You can re-register your business in person, in writing (for example by fax or letter) or by electronic means.

  • If the deregistration takes place in person or in writing, you must fill out the form "Business Re-registration" - GewA 2 and sign it personally.
  • The form "GewA 2" is available at the office responsible for the re-registration, or is also available for download, depending on the offer. In the electronic procedure, the same data is collected as in the context of the personal re-registration. However, the form of the form form may be deviated from and you do not have to sign in person.
  • In the case of electronic re-registration in the online procedure, the competent authority may apply suitable and appropriate procedures for establishing your identity (for example, PIN/TAN procedure, the electronic ID function, De-Mail or a self-declaration of identity).
  • You will receive a certificate from the authorities to receive your business re-registration.
  • The competent authority forwards the business re-registration to other bodies, such as the tax office, the employers' liability insurance association, the Chamber of Crafts or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and, if necessary, the registry court.
  • Upon receipt of your complete documents, your application will be processed

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