Trade re-registration

The transfer of a standing commercial enterprise within the territory of an authority, a change of object of the trade or an extension to goods or services which are not customary in the commercial establishment of the type previously notified must be notified at the same time by the trader to the competent authority. Failure to notify the trade is an administrative offence. The trader himself is subject to notification. In the case of a sole proprietor' company, this is the owner, in the case of a partnership, all personally liable shareholders and, in the case of a capital company, the managing director (GmbH) or the management board (AG). The certificate of notification does not entitle to the beginning or to change or expand or relocate a commercial enterprise, if a permit or registration in the craft role is necessary for this purpose. The trade notification does not include a permit for the planned use of a commercial property. If you intend to use existing construction facilities or parts thereof and land areas for which a different use is stipulated in the building permit available to you, your construction project in accordance with Section 54 of the Brandenburg Building Code (BbgBO) is one of the projects subject to approval. Please inform yourself if a request for a change of use is required.

current identity card or passport with current registration confirmation Commercial register extract, (cooperative register extract, association register extract), insofar as the company is registered in the commercial register (cooperative register, association register) In some cases, further documentation or evidence may also be required - this must be clarified in individual cases with the competent authority.

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