Commercial agents, investment advisors, property developers, residential property managers and construction managers permission

Who is commercially 1.mediate the conclusion of contracts for land, property-like rights, industrial premises or residential areas or demonstrate the opportunity to conclude such contracts; 2.Mediate the conclusion of loan agreements, with the exception of contracts within the meaning of section 34i paragraph 1 sentence 1, or demonstrate the opportunity to conclude such contracts, 3.Construction projects (a) prepare or carry out as a builder in his own name for his own or third-party account, using the assets of purchasers, tenants, tenants or other beneficiaries or applicants for acquisition or use rights; b) prepare or carry out economically as a construction supervisor in the foreign name for behalf of a third party; 4. the joint property of homeowners within the meaning of Section 1 paragraph 2, 3, 5 and 6 of the Housing Ownership Act or for third parties wants to manage tenancy relationships over residential premises within the meaning of Section 549 of the Civil Code (residential property manager) requires the permission of the competent authority.

Extract from the commercial register of legal entities Extract from the Business Central Register (GZR) for submission to the authority (in the case of legal entities by the managing director and the legal person) current certificate of leadership for submission to an authority Certificate in tax matters (formerly tax safety certificate) from the tax office (in the case of companies from the legal person and the managing director) application form Extract from the debtor stake Identification document (alternatively passport with registration confirmation)

Section 34 c Commercial Code (GewO) Section 11 Trade Code (GewO) (Data Protection Notice) Broker and Property Developer Ordinance - MaBV

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