Business Deregistration

If you give up the business of your business, you will have to cancel your business. The same applies if you move the business of your business to another municipality/office/city. You must then deregister your business in the former municipality/city/office and register in the new municipality if it continues. In the case of individual trades of individual traders, partnerships (e.B. OHG, BGB-Gesellschaft), the shareholders entitled to the management and the legal representative for corporations (e.B. GmbH, AG) are subject to notification.

in the case of personal refund of the ad: Identity card or passport with representation: Power of attorney with identity card of the applicant and the authorised representative

no special conditions required
Section 14 Trade Code (GewO) (obligation to notify) Section 15 Trade Code (GewO) (Certificate of Receipt) Section 55 c Trade Code (GewO) (obligation to notify travel) Section 11 Trade Code (GewO) (Data Protection Notice)

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