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Application for an identity card
In principle, as a German citizen, you have the obligation to have an identity card if you have reached the age of 16 and are subject to the obligation to register. Exception: You have a valid passport.
Which documents must be presented when applying for an identity card is decided by the identity card authority at its own discretion. As a rule, the following documents are required: valid identity document (the old identity card if available, otherwise the passport, children's ID, children's passport) for persons under the age of 16, the application must be made by a legal guardian and, as a rule, the consent of the other legal guardian is required. an up-to-date biometric photograph In addition, the presentation of further documents may be required, e.B. birth certificate or parentage certificate.


Germans within the meaning of Art. 116 sec. 1 of the Basic Law (GG)


Questions and answers about the identity card with online ID function (formerly: new identity card)     1. Do I have to exchange my current identity card for the new one? No, there is no obligation to exchange. A new identity card does not have to be applied for if the previous identity card is still valid, or an identity card in its previous form was applied for before 01.11.2010, or a valid passport is available 2. Can I exchange my current identity card for the new one even though my identity card is still valid? Yes, since 01.11.2010 the identity card with online ID function can be applied for at any time, even if the previous identity card is still valid. 3. Do I need a biometric-compatible photo for the identity card with online ID function? Yes, a biometric-compatible photo is required (according to the photo sample board; new compared to the previously used identity card).   4. Is the surrender of the fingerprint mandatory? Yes   5. Is there data that is only visible on the identity card and not stored in the chip? Yes, these are: Signature Size, color of the eyes Serial number 6. Is there data that is only stored in the chip and is not visible on the identity card? Yes, these are on request: electronic signature 2 fingerprints 7. How do I change the address on the identity card with online ID function? The identity card authority ences a sticker on the ID card (as with the current identity card) and changes the address stored in the chip. 8. What should I do if the identity card with online ID function has been lost or stolen? The loss must be reported to the police or to a passport and identity card authority of a municipality. If the online ID function (electronic proof of identity) has been activated, the blocking must be initiated, either at a passport and ID authority or at a blocking hotline (further information on the service number of the identity card). When blocking, the personal data and the blocking password must be provided. 9. Can children also get the identity card with online ID function? On request, yes. Children under the age of 16, however, have their online ID function turned off. However, this can be switched on retrospectively from the age of 16 years. For children from 6 years of age, 2 digital fingerprints can be stored on request.
Identity Card Act (PAuswG) Identity Card Ordinance (PAuswV) Ordinance on Identity Card Fees (PAuswGebV)
Information about the identity card
- Personal appearance at the identity card authority for personal identification; - Handover photo; - sign it; - identify and document biometric identification data; - Receive PIN letter; - Receive pick-up notification if applicable; - Receive your ID card at the identity card authority;

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