Children's passport

The children's passport is a travel document for children under the age of 12.

Since 26 June 2012, children's entries in their parents' passports are invalid and are no longer sufficient to cross the border. Since then, your children (from birth) must have their own travel document when traveling abroad. For you as a parent and as a passport holder with whom a child entry has been made, the passport remains valid without restriction.

  • birth certificate
  • biometric photograph of the child
    • for young children and infants, exceptions to the photo requirements are possible
  • if applicable, declaration of consent of the absent parent
  • if applicable, further evidence (at the discretion of the competent authority)


Germans within the meaning of Art. 116 sec. 1 of the Basic Law (GG)


From the age of 12, children need an identity card or an electronic passport, depending on their destination.

ยง 1 paragraph 2 number 2 Passport Act (PassG)

Some countries (e.B. the USA) can only be entered visa-free if the passport contains an electronic storage medium (chip). If your child wants to enter with a children's passport, he or she will therefore also need a visa.

Please inform yourself about the specific entry requirements of your travel country and the required identity documents in good time before the start of the trip. Information on this can be found, among other things, in the travel and security advice of the Federal Foreign Office.

The children's passport is issued and handed out immediately. You will need a biometric passport photo. For children under the age of ten, less strict requirements apply than for adults.

The personal presence of the child when applying for and updating the child's passport is required.

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