Adoption of a foreign child

Would you like to adopt a child from abroad? Then you should clarify in advance the recognition of such an adoption at home. After the adoption abroad, the foreign birth certificate of your adopted child remains valid. As an adoptive parent, you can still apply for a declaration in the birth register in Germany if the child has acquired German nationality through adoption. Please contact your local adoption agency, the relevant central adoption agency or a recognised foreign agency in free agency. Note: If a German court decides on an adoption, it also makes the certificate. The same applies when a German family court converts a foreign adoption from a weak to a strong adoption. Detailed information can be found in the procedure description "Applyfor adoption of a foreign child - conversion of a weak into a strong adoption".

all documents required for adoption in the country of origin If necessary, decision under the Adoption Effect Act Note: You need foreign documents with over-certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission.

See adoption mediation recommendations , as amended, BAGLJÄ - Health (good physical, mental and mental condition) - no criminal offences that endanger the best interests of the child - stable partnership - supporting network/social environment - secure economic conditions - Life satisfaction/reflected personality - Relation/connection to the country of origin/culture
Section 36 Civil Status Act (PStG) (Births and deaths abroad) Section 27 Civil Status Act (PStG) (determination and amendment of civil status, other continuation) AdVermiG, AdWirkG , HAÜ, BGB, FamFG, EGBGB

You must apply to the registry office of your residence for the registration of the birth of your foreign-born child. Here you can apply for a new birth certificate at the same time. The registry office registers the birth and you as an adoptive parent in the civil registry. Note: The registry office, which records the birth of your foreign-born child, automatically informs other registry offices.

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