Adoption of a German child

Was your child born in Germany and did you adopt it domestically? After the adoption procedure before the Family Court has been completed, the certificate is automatically registered in the birth register. Please contact your local adoption agency. Note: You can apply for new birth certificates or new certified printouts from the birth register. If you have adopted your child abroad, you must apply for a declaration in Germany. Detailed information can be found in the procedure description "Adoption of a foreign child".

application, questionnaire from the adoption agency, Biography Photos of the applicants, Police certificate of leadership, birth certificate (certified copy), Marriage and, if applicable, divorce certificate, Medical certificate from the family doctor or official doctor (if necessary additionally a medical opinion), Proof of earnings and assets among others

See adoption mediation recommendations , as amended, BAGLJÄ - Health (good physical, mental and mental condition) - no criminal offences that endanger the best interests of the child - stable partnership - supporting network/social environment - secure economic conditions - Life satisfaction/reflected personality
AdVermiG, BGB, FamFG, EGBG, GG

The family court that granted the adoption sends its order to the registry office of the place of birth of your adopted child. The registrar or registrar completes the birth register and forwards the information to the following registry offices: the registry office that records the birth records for the child's biological parents the registry office that records the birth records for the adove parents the registry office that holds the marriage record for the child if the child's name has changed Note: The same procedure is applied if a German family court converts a foreign adoption from a weak to a strong adoption. Detailed information can be found in the procedure description "Applyfor adoption of a foreign child - conversion of a weak into a strong adoption". The birth register contains data on both biological and adoptive parents. For example, marriage son or siblings cannot occur. A birth certificate, on the other hand, only proves the current conditions.

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