Social Security Registration

If you employ employees, you must register them for social security at the beginning of the employment relationship. The application includes the health insurance Long-term care insurance, Pension insurance and unemployment insurance Note: The statutory health insurance funds (collection agencies) collect the total social security contribution and forward the individual parts to the competent authorities. In the case of minor jobs, the mini-job centre at the German Pension Insurance Knappschaft-Bahn-See is the collection point. You must register employees who are legally insured in health, nursing, pension insurance or under the law of employment promotion. However, they must also register employees who are uninsured because of low employment. These are short-term employees who work for you for a minimum of three months or 70 working days per year, as well as low-paid employees. Amended by Qualification Opportunities Act of 18.12.2018

To report, you need the following information: Social security number (assigned by the pension insurance institution); Employees who do not yet have a social security number will automatically receive it from the health insurance fund upon the first registration for social security Data of the employee, such as the name and address of the Reason for the notification Your operating number Operating number of the competent collection agency / health insurance company Information on contribution groups, type of activity and nationality Certificate for encrypted data transfer

Section 28a et seq. Fourth Book of social code (SGB IV) Data Collection and Transmission Ordinance (DEÜV)

An overview of the approved programs can be found on the pages of the Information Technology Service Office of the Statutory Health Insurance (ITSG). If you do not use billing software, provides a way to transmit messages encrypted by the prescribed electronic means. Further information and further information on data exchange can be found on the itsG pages or under Data Exchange .

You may only transmit the social security reports and the contribution certificates of your employees to the data collection points of the health insurance companies / collection points by means of secure and encrypted data transmission by means of system-tested programs or machine-generated filling aids.

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