Waste detection procedure

Hazardous waste Anyone wishing to dispose of hazardous waste as a trader must keep a register or certain evidence and accompanying documents. The register or the evidence to be provided proves the disposal processes of hazardous waste. The obligation to keep the register applies to producers, owners, collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers, as well as all disposal of hazardous waste. The obligation to provide evidence applies to the same group of persons, with the exception of traders and brokers of hazardous waste. Non-hazardous waste For certain non-hazardous waste, the detection is regulated by regulation or the competent authority may order that registers or evidence of the whereabouts of non-hazardous waste must also be kept. In any case, waste disposal companies must also keep a register of non-hazardous waste management. Form of proof guidance As a general rule, registers and evidence of hazardous waste must be kept in electronic form; electronic form is exempted only when keeping registers on the disposal of non-hazardous waste. Households These obligations do not apply to households.

Information on the required documents can be found on the application form of the proof of disposal.

The necessary forms are defined in the Proof Ordinance and are provided by the respective software. All correspondence in the verification procedure takes place online. All messages must be signed with qualified electronic signatures. Personal appearance is not required.

Disposal certificates only require commercial producers of hazardous waste. ATTENTION: in the states of Brandenburg and Berlin there is an additional obligation to provide information for hazardous waste!

In some federal states, including Brandenburg and Berlin, the provisions of the Special Waste Disposal Ordinances must be observed in parallel with the proof requirements. Information can be found here: www.sbb-mbh.de
Section 49 circular economy law in conjunction with Section 23 Of proof ordinance Section 50 Circular Economy Act in conjunction with Section 2 Of proof ordinance Section 49 circular economy law Section 23 Ordinance on Proof of Evidence Section 50 Circular Economy Act Section 2 Ordinance on Proof of Proof

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www.bmub.bund.de/N50308/ https://www.sbb-mbh.de/aufgaben-der-sbb/nachweis-andienverfahren.html

The verification procedure has been carried out exclusively electronically (online) since 01.04.2010 on a legal basis. You usually need suitable special software for this. In the alternative, there is a possibility via the online portal https://leanv.zks-abfall.de/LaenderEANV_Web . The individual process steps are: Applying for an electronic mailbox Completion of the proof application (waste producers and waste disposal companies) Online forwarding of the application to the competent authority The authority decides on your application and responds to it with an online decision After receiving the permit notice, waste producers, carriers and waste disposal companies must keep a delivery note (accompanying note) online via each individual disposal. This will be sent online to the competent authority after disposal All documents are stored in the register of the companies involved in the disposal

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