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Where and how do I get a death certificate, where can I report a death?

Each death must be reported to the registry office in whose jurisdiction death occurred.

A death certificate can be issued as soon as the death certificate has been registered in the death register.

The death certificate is important, for example, for the burial and its preparation (e.g. for the classification and transfer) as well as for the processing of the estate. In order to benefit from statutory or private insurance benefits, you also need a death certificate.

  • Identity card or passport
  • upon collection by a representative: written authorisation of the entitled person, his/her identity card (original or certified copy) and his/her own IDENTITY card
  • for other persons, such as close relatives, proof of legal interest


The condition for the notification of the death is the death certificate completed by the doctor.

You can apply for a death certificate as:

  • the last spouse

  • the last life partner within the meaning of the Registered Partnership Act

  • Ancestors and descendants of the deceased person

  • Siblings with legitimate interest

Other persons, including close relatives such as aunts and uncles, will only receive a death certificate if they can establish a legal interest (for example, by a letter from the Probate Court).

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You can apply for and collect the death certificate personally from the competent registry office.

  • To legitimise, present your identity card or passport.

  • You usually pay the fee in advance when applying to the registry office.

You can also apply for and have the death certificate collected by a person of your trust. In addition to a written authorisation, this person must present his/her identity card or passport (original or certified copy) in addition to a written authorisation.

Request by post, fax or e-mail:

  • Send the competent registry office an informal application for a death certificate.

  • Your letter should respond to your eligibility. It must contain the following information about the deceased person:

    • Name, First Name

    • Date and place of birth

    • Date and place of death

    • where applicable, information on the spouse of the deceased or deceased

    • if known: registry office and certificate number

  • By sending the certificate, you will receive a fee notice.

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